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Laser Metal Cutting
Metal Tube Cutting Services

Ace Laser Technology provides tube cutting services in all volumes. Serving the medical, consumer, aerospace, and military industries stressing quick turn around. Our unique central location in Minnesota offers optimal shipping to all of the United States and Canada.

In addition to metal tube cutting services we also offer Laser Welding for all types of projects. Custom parts, shims, gaskets, washers, brackets, and tubes are just a few examples.

Ace Laser Technologies can cut just about any material, metal or non-metal. We can weld various grades of steel and SST as well as motor lamination steel. Below is a list of materials we have had success with in the past. If you don't see a specific material listed below, contact us to set-up arrangements for a test sample.

CRS - up to .25" Thick (1/4 inch)
SST - up to .25" Thick (1/4 inch)
Acrylic - up to 1" (one inch)
Wood - up to 1" (one inch)
Brass - up to .125" (1/8 inch)
Aluminum - up to .125" (1/8 inch)


Metal Tub Cutting

Metal Tube Cutting



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